Mommy and Baby Elephants and Warrior Facepillows-piledPeace silk berrylicious and nordicPristine Org CottonBarish and Meghlascrap metal art 2Boats and Gaudi Linen pillowsSujni kantha embroidered pillowsSol_Summerwasher bowlMilon-series-peace-silk-pillows

Mommy and Baby Elephants – Scrap Metal Art

Using gears, pipes, and more collected from local garages, our Metal Artisan created this beautiful Mommy And Baby Elephant set. The Face is made using an abandoned rice machine

Colors Ablaze!

Add fun and color to your home with our collection of vibrant and contemporary eco-friendly pillows.

Berrylicious & Nordic – Peace Silk Pillows

Handwoven Peace Silk Pillows - Berrylicious and Nordic


Pristine is an Organic Khadi Cotton collection of pillows - available in various sizes.  The texture is soft with nubbles characteristic of Khadi products.  These are available in the off-white khadi back or a greenish toned khadi denim back.

Barish & Meghla – Peace Silk Pillows

The Monsoons are captured in these two designs - rain and cloudy skies in Barish (Rain) and Meghla (Cloudy skies)

Objet d’Art in Scrap Metal

Reuse and Recycle being the main mantra, these items are made using scrap metal parts

Boats and Gaudi Linen Pillows

Our designs are inspired by our travels.  Photographs taken in a seaside village in Bengal or of the tile art by Gaudi in Parc Guel, Barcelona can become the inspiration for our pillow designs!

Sujini Kantha Pillows

We work with various women's cooperatives in villages of Eastern India.  These pillows are handwoven in Silk and then embroidered by women artisans who support their homes from their livelihood

Sol and Summer Dusk Pillows

Modern, vibrant, and eco-friendly! Can't get any better than that!

Rings – Scrap Washer Bowl

Scrap metal washers were transformed into this rustic bowl that is available in sizes of 10", 8" and 7" Diameter.

Milon series – Peace Silk Pillows

Milon or confluence of the East and West is what these designs represent.  Handwoven Peace Silk, appliqué and top-stitch forms the details.

A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.Anonymous