Sail Boats Jamdani Scarves

Steps Jamdani Scarves

A design inspired by the architectural details of the ancient step wells of India - Steps Jamdani Muslin scarf feels like woven air!

Sail Boats Jamdani Scarf

Bring a little of the Summer vibes into your life with our luxuriously soft Jamdani muslin Sail boats scarf!  Jamdani muslin scarf is light as air and part of an ancient heritage craft from India.

Lotus Blossom Jamdani Scarf

We love the restorative and regenerative energy of the beautiful Lotus flower!  A Jamdani muslin scarf is light as air and part of an ancient heritage craft from India.

Hexagonal Tray – Zero Waste Design

This tray is a beautifully handcrafted design made using repurposed metal washers.  The main principle behind this design is to make it zero waste and eco-friendly.

Pisces – Repurposed Metal Fish

A beautiful handcrafted zero waste design suitable for any decor. Mounted on a sustainable wood base.

Charging Bull – Repurposed Metal

Various repurposed metal parts were used to design this beautiful Charging Bull decor piece.

Rings – Rectangular Tray

Repurposed metal waste used to design this beautifully constructed and rustic tray.

Rings – Round Tray/Bowl

Beautifully constructed and in a rustic look, this bowl is multi-functional and designed using repurposed metal waste.

Rings – Scrap Washer Bowl

Scrap metal washers were transformed into this rustic bowl that is available in sizes of 10", 8" and 7" Diameter.

Sujini Kantha Pillows

We work with various women's cooperatives in villages of Eastern India.  These pillows are handwoven in Silk and then embroidered by women artisans who support their homes from their livelihood

Mommy and Baby Elephants and The Face

Using gears, pipes, and more scrap metal collected from local garages, our Metal Artisan created this beautiful Mommy And Baby Elephant set. The Face is made using an abandoned rice machine.

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