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Mommy and Baby Elephants – Scrap Metal Art

Using gears, pipes, and more collected from local garages, our Metal Artisan created this beautiful Mommy And Baby Elephant set. The Face is made using an abandoned rice machine

Sustainable Gifts – made from Scrap Metal

A thoughtful gift is most always appreciated.  If the gift is one that is designed with Sustainability in mind, it also benefits a community of artisans and sometimes, help revive a Craft! We have curated a few such objects for you to choose from.

Scrap Metal Art

Maka Maka has a fun and eclectic collection of unique decor objects created from Scrap Metal or Dhokra

Blue Pottery Soap Dish

Blue Pottery is a unique craft from Rajasthan.  Handpainted and handmade by skilled artisans.

Objet d’Art in Scrap Metal

Reuse and Recycle being the main mantra, these items are made using scrap metal parts

Hand Painted Ceramics, Portugal and Napkins

Our hand painted ceramic collection of serving platters can add warmth and style to the dining table. Use our soft and modern hand-woven cotton or linen napkins to dress it up.  The white porcelain dinner set with Platinum trim adds elegance. These can be great gifts as well for newly weds or any friends.

Sujini Kantha Pillows

We work with various women's cooperatives in villages of Eastern India.  These pillows are handwoven in Silk and then embroidered by women artisans who support their homes from their livelihood

Blue Pottery Trinket Bowl

Blue Pottery is a unique craft from Rajasthan.  Handpainted and handmade by skilled artisans, these trinket bowls can be versatile additions to any decor.

Milon series – Peace Silk Pillows

Milon or confluence of the East and West is what these designs represent.  Handwoven Peace Silk, appliqué and top-stitch forms the details.

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