Our Mission

Maka Maka’s vision is to create sustainable, eco-conscious, fair trade and innovative home and fashion products to minimize the negative impact of pollutants that are an outcome of the industry. 

Maka Maka also hopes to collaborate with more Artisan communities across the globe and help revive some dying crafts as they are an integral part of humanity’s intangible cultural heritage.

We focus on the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, Profit.

Our Story

More than a decade ago, while living in beautiful Vancouver, Mitun Chaudhuri stood at the crossroads of life – whether to pursue her interest and passion in the world of Design or continue a career path in Information Technology.  She decided to choose the path of a Social Entrepreneur and move away from her corporate career.  MAKA MAKA (friend in Hawaiian), a Sustainable Lifestyle brand, came into being soon thereafter.

An explorer at heart, Mitun traveled around the world and across North America. During her travels, Mitun explored many artisanal works of art, met some very talented Artisans, and visited some curated concept stores.  

Maka Maka began its journey in Vancouver in 2009 with its predecessor brand Rajboori Luxury Home Textiles, introducing a vibrant and eclectic collection of luxurious Organic Peace Silk home textiles.

The journey continued with Rajboori being rebranded to Maka Maka in 2012, while launching its flagship store and café in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. Using Kolkata as a hub, a strong network of artisans across different parts of India was established.  Mitun travels between India and North America to continue to work closely with various artisan communities. Raising awareness about Sustainable Materials is a key focus for Mitun, which, she fulfills through speaking engagements at various Design Schools.

Mitun has an MBA in E-Commerce from Georgia State University and a BBA (MIS) from the University of Georgia, USA.  She was also a recipient of the unique Georgia Rotary Student Program Scholarship (GRSP) to study in the USA as an undergraduate student.