ADORN by Maka Maka

Re-imagine – A 6-yard gorgeous Sari, an attire worn by women in India, transformed into elegant Western Fashion.  

Presenting ADORN by Maka MakaA Collection of Sari Inspired Zero Waste, Up-Cycled and Sustainable Fashion for Women and Men.

Collection Designed and Made in the USA. Saris Handcrafted by skilled Artisans in India.

The Lookbook – take a peek at some of our unique designs.

To create a unique and sustainable fashion collection, we chose to repurpose and up-cycle an existing “attire” from one culture to fit the fashion ethos of another without producing new material.

Using a variety of handwoven Saris from different regions of India, we’ve designed a collection that elegantly marries the modernity of the Western aesthetics with the richness of the Eastern craftsmanship.  Each collection is custom-designed.

Why use a Sari to create apparel?  The journey began with our Founder, Mitun’s childhood.  Mitun grew up admiring her Mother’s excellent collection of colorful saris of various heritage crafts, such as, Benarasi, Kanjivaram, Jamdani, Sambalpuri, and others.  Growing up, Mitun’s family traveled extensively to explore different parts of India. These travels offered her a closer look at the work by various Artisans – handcrafted exquisite saris, jewelry, and a rich textile heritage.

When Mitun moved to the USA as an undergraduate student, she began to appreciate the cultural heritage and elegance of the Sari even more. Each time she wore one of her Mom’s saris to perform during an International Night or India Night program on campus at UGA, she enjoyed the admiration for this attire by other American and International students. 

Conceived many years ago, and born during a pandemic, ADORN is a collection designed to contextualize the 6-yard fabric in terms of Western fashion aesthetics and has been a dream for Mitun for many years.

Please write to us at for any inquiries or to place an order.  Follow our journey on Instagram @adornbymakamaka.